Hach (measuring of goods – Analysis and testing of different water (raw, waste, industrial, drinking) and other media)

  1. Process equipment – various mobile and stationary samplers and measuring equipment for continuous tracking and monitoring of a large number of parameters in water and other media, with various options and possibilities of use, application and combination, according to the needs and best applications in the field (bypass applications, the tube and submersible probes, different variants of the controllers – microprocessor display unit which continues to allow different possibilities of information transfer, etc..;
  2. Field equipment – various options and excellent practical solutions, analysis of water, used in the field;
  3. Laboratory equipment – the most sophisticated equipment of somewhat lower accuracy, to excellent accuracy, all of excellent quality (absolute guarantee for their products);

Process, laboratory and field analytic equipment :
https://hr.hach.com/ (HACH – Croatia),
https://uk.hach.com/ (HACH – UK) i
https://www.hach.com/ (HACH – USA)